Express Consultation - Print Design & Development
Your print design project will define your style as a company. It is important that our design reflects your company accurately.
This questionnaire will help us get a better idea of what your style is and what message you want to convey.

Please attach samples, draw sketches, or do anything else you can think of to convey your preliminary ideas to us.
Contact Information
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Printing Requirements
If your selection above is marked * please describe here. List any PMS colors.
Please send to us as an attachment or email your files to Your images should be at least 300dpi in .jpg or .eps format in order to print properly. If you would like photography and/or illustration services included, please explain your needs.
Please provide all text below or on a separate sheet. If you would like to make use of our copywriting service, please indicate here.
Have we missed anything? Please fill us in on any other particulars that you think might affect your print design.
Any style or design references, copy/text content, print specifications or inspiration can be uploaded here.

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That is all we need to get a good start. Please feel free to give as much or as little of the above information as you see fit, but keep in mind that the more you offer up front, the less Q&A is required, and the smoother your project will go.